Phyteneo strives to take a scientific approach towards the phytotherapy field, which, thanks to modern medicine and chemistry, clarifies the principles of acting agents in substances of traditional herbal medicine. Phyteneo sees this scientific approach as part of the company value, represented by the words: “Health, Nature, Science “.

Phyteneo’s belief: “We are convinced that the nature has an effective molecule for every health issue.”

Phyteneo provides you with a safe solution to health issues by using natural, effective molecules. It isolates and combines its own methods. For longer periods of time, the development of phytotherapy has been formed by scientific research, which clarifies the principles of effective acting substances contained in substances of traditional herbal medicine by means of modern medical methods and chemistry. Knowing the pharmacology and pharmaco-dynamics of natural active substances (it deals with principles of active substances and their mechanisms) generally leads to findings, which are essential for the development of more effective or entirely new phytopharmaceuticals. Phyteneo only launches products, when convinced that they represent an innovative and unique solution to a health issue in comparison with the ordinary medicine and which might truly help a patient.

Everybody deals with a kind of health issue every day. Whether or not it is warts, digestive problems, rhinitis or even inflammation of the middle ear, Phyteneo sees it as a challenge. Its objective is to find an active, innovative solution to these issues in a form of unique and sophisticated phytopharmaceuticals. While developing new products, Phyteneo takes its own direction. It does not follow any other paths but rather attempts to find a new effective way to solve a health issue, while perceiving product quality and safety as the primary obligation.


The main objective of the authentic Czech company Dr Konrad Pharma is the development and production of new dermatological products, which reflect the latest therapeutic trends and extend the possibilities of the skin diseases treatment. The company also focuses on creating new products or therapeutically proven, active substances and products that have often disappeared from the market, often due to their lack of profitability for big companies (e.g. Ichtammol, Aqua Calcis, Guaiazulene, Oleum Jecoris Aselli).

One of the founders of Dr Konrad Pharma – Pavel Konrad M.D. – regularly lectures on dermatological topics at specialized seminars and regularly publishes his articles in specialized magazines. Since 1999 he has been co-organizing regular educational seminars for paediatricians. It was because of his initiative that a big number of new active substances has been added to the Czech Pharmacopoeia, which can now be used for producing innovative magistral preparations.