Dr Konrad Ichtyol Creampaste

Ichtyol creampaste is non-perfumed creampaste with content of ichthammol (2%), oleum jecoris aselli (15%), guaiazulene (0.1%) and zinc oxide (20%).

The Ichtyol creampaste is intended for treating skin prone to sores, diaper rash and galls. It can also be applied on the reddish skin, which it calms down. It can be used since the neonatal age.
The preparation has its characteristic colour and odour, which is not a hindrance.
Warning for people allergic to parabens and lanolin – it is paraben and lanolin-free. Without added colorants, alcohol and perfumes.


Aqua, Zinc Oxide, Cod Liver Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Ichthammol, Glycerin, Sodium Caproyl/Lauroyl Lactylate, Glyceryl Stearate, Ceteareth-20, Glyceryl Stearate Citrate, Cera Alba, Guaiazulene, Phenethyl Alcohol, Ethylhexyl glycerin, Triethyl Citrate, Phenoxyethanol.

Volume: 100ml

Additional Information

How does Ichthammol work?
Ichthammol and zinc oxide are some of the frequently used local dermatological remedies for children (because of their safety during a long-term application). Ichthamolum (Ichthammol, ichthyol) is a mixture of substances obtained from sulfonation of bituminous oils, traditionally obtained in distillation of fossil shales. It has anti-itching, anti-inflammatory, keroplastic, antiseborrheic and slightly antiseptic effects. It is very little irritant, it has a very low sensitizing potential, it does not increase the skin sensitivity to sunlight, but it has a very characteristic odour and brown-black colour.
Ichthammol is used to treat subacute eczema (mainly atopic), seborrheic and perioral dermatitis, acute psoriasis eruption, lichen ruber planus, pityriasis rosea and acne vulgaris. Ichthammol has a favourable effect similar to pix lithantracis (coal tar) but it lacks its adverse effects (toxic impact on the liver and kidneys, local cancerogenity in long-time use in higher concentrations).
(source: FadrhoncováA., Farmakoterapie kožních nemocí (Pharmacology of skin diseases), page 211, Grada, 1999)

How does Jecoris aselli oil work?
Fish oil containing above all glycerides of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins A and D. The indications are sores, bruises, diaper rash, light burns, radiodermatitis, cracks, varicose ulcer and decubitus ulcer.
(source: Suchopár J., Remedia compendium, p.613, Panax, 1999)

How does Zincum oxydatum work?
Zincum oxydatum (zinc oxide, flowers of zinc) is an amorphous, fine white odourless powder. It has a cooling, slightly astringent and slightly antiseptic effect. Zinc oxide is used in powders, suspensions, liquid powders and soft pastes in paediatric dermatology. Zinc oxide has a soothing effect and it significantly stimulates the skin regeneration. Zinc preparations have also a positive effect on the healing process.
(source: Fadrhoncová A., Farmakoterapie kožních nemocí, (Pharmacology of skin diseases), p. 294, Grada,1999)

What is creampaste?
The special galenic form, the so-called creampaste, used in Ichtyol as vehiculum, is characterized by the content of the 3 basic galenic phases – the liquid, fat and solid. For this reason, it can be easily applied on festering lesions and wet sores areas. The cream-paste does not form the undesirable occlusive effect like a common paste, contrarily; it dries the treated lesions up and cools them down.