Phyteneo Neocide Spray

This is a solution for cleaning the whole human body, oral cavity and external intimate hygiene, with the anti-microbial substance, Octenidine. It prevents the growth of bacteria. It removes impurities and maintains hygiene.

The surface active antibacterial substance has a wide range of effectiveness against gram-negative, gram-positive bacteria and some viruses. It also has fungicide effects.

Octenidine di-hydrochloride (CAS 70775-75-6)

It is a cationic surfactant active substance with antibacterial use, which contains two cationic centers in its molecule that is separated by a long aliphatic hydrocarbon chain (10 CH2 group).

Octenidine is to a very minor extent resorbed by the skin, by the digestive system and by wound tissues. Therefore, it is safe to use. The substance is also safe from the acute, chronic and sub-chronic toxicity, cyto-toxicity, carcinogenic and reproductive toxicity point of views. It is not contraindicated for pregnant and nursing women. It is suitable for diabetics, patients with a weak immune system, patients with allergies, etc. Its effectiveness was verified against gram-negative, gram-positive bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and some viruses. The effectiveness is not even decreased by the presence of secretions, etc.
Octenidine promotes granulation of the epithelial cells, it does not limit the micro-circulation of blood in tissues and it can either be used short-term or long-term. It is thermo-stable, photo-stable and even stable at wide pH ranges.




Octenidine HCI

0.12 %


1 %


castor oil, sodium gluconate, hydroxyethyl cellulose, glycerol




Neocide spray with Octenicide dihydrochloride, a modern anti-microbial component used to effectively yet gently cleanse the skin. It has a wide range of antimicrobial effects.

Octenicide HCL is a completely safe component, so the product is also suitable for small children, pregnant or breastfeeding women. It is fast acting, does not contain alcohol and is very well tolerated. Suitable for long-term use.


Use as needs be up to 5x a day

Apply evenly to the relevant area by pressing the spray 1-3 times and letting it get to work.
Do not use on any mucosa other than the oral cavity (e.g. nasal or eye mucosa, etc.).
Do not use with products containing PVP iodine or anionic surfactants.


Keep out of reach of children. Stare at 5–25 °C, keep away from direct sunlight

Expires by: 18 months