Phyteneo NeoRhin

The nasal spray is intended for treating rhinitis and nasal congestion, cleaning and hydrating the nasal mucosa. The product with natural substances quickly alleviates the nose, hydrates and regenerates its mucosa. It can be used long-term without becoming addictive and reducing its effectiveness.

Natural active substance Star anise essential oils have antiviral and antibacterial effects. Eucalyptus essential oils have anti-inflammatory effects. Sea salt, as another natural substance helps on the principal of osmosis to reduce the swelling of the nasal mucosa.



Natural Active Substance: Eukalyptus Globulus (essential oil)​

Eucalyptus Essentials Oil (Eucalyptus etheroleum)
Eucalyptus essential oil is used for alleviating the symptoms of illness of the upper respiratory tract due to colds. Its effect is most likely attributed to a relatively high volume of cineol. Eucalyptus essential oil has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects, which are associated with decreasing the level of nitric oxide, which plays an important role in the pathogenesis of inflammations.

Star Anise Essential Oil (Anisum etheroleum)
Star anise alone or in relation with others, is a widespread means of alleviating colds. In traditional medicine, star anise is also used as a favorable active remedy for colic and rheumatism. Star anise essential oils have antimicrobial and antiviral effects.

active substancequantity in 1g
Sea salt0.001g
Eukalyptus oil 0.0019g
Star anise oil 0.0002g

Composition of additive substance:
Edetate disodium
Sodium hydroxide

Volume: 30ml

Additional Information

The product’s main active substances are a hypertonic solution of sea salt, eucalyptus and star anise essential oils (a selected composition and quantity of essential oils does not burn when used). The hypertonic salt solution acts against swelling of the nasal mucosa. Due to the various concentration of electrolytes, a so called osmotic gradient is created between the given nasal spray and the mucosa. The water from the nasal mucosa transforms to a more concentrated salt solution in the nasal passage and then a patient might blow his nose. Apart from the osmotic effect, the presence of a mixture of various minerals from the sea, which have favorable effects on the nasal mucosa, are also important. 

The product’s natural substances are described in the paragraph devoted to the functionality of natural substances.