Phyteneo Parasine T15

Parasine T15 is a solution intended to eliminate parasitic diseases due to the occurrence of lice and nits in the patient’s hair. Its advantage includes easy application by means of a spray applicator and quick acting visible in just 10 minutes.

The thymol substance, contained in thyme oil, protects scalp irritation, which accompanies the occurrence of lice and nits.



Natural Active Substance: Thyme (stem)​

Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)
The drug mainly contains essential oils (0.75-6.3%) with a prevailing content of thymol or carvacrol. The quality of the essential oils is influenced by its origin. Thyme essential oils, which grow in Central Europe, contain approx. 40-50% of thymol and almost no carvacrol. Thyme growing in other locations primarily contains cineol, linalool and/or carvacrol.
Thyme oil is used for healing purposes in cosmetic products. However, it is also part of the pharmaceutical production of dermatological products. The antiseptic effects of the oil are therapeutically used for inflammatory skin diseases, decubitus and venous ulcers. Its antimycotics effects are also well known. Primarily, due to the content of phenolic compounds (tymol, carvacrol), the drug has also the antibacterial effects.




Isopropyl myristate*


Cyclomethicone D5*


Thyme essential oils





Parasine T15 solution against lice and nits contains two active substances for a double effect:

Isopropyl myristate disrupts the outer surface of lice. This dries out and subsequently kills the lice.

Cyclomethicone – a silicone substance that acts on all developmental stages (lice, nits, larvae) so that the lice are not poisoned, but suffocated. Lice cannot build resistance to this mode of attack.

Thyme essential oil soothes an irritated scalp.


Apply to dry hair and leave for 10 minutes to take effect

Use a spray to apply the solution evenly to the hair when dry and along its entire length, then rub thoroughly into the hair. The lotion should moisten the entire length of the hair and the scalp too.

Leave for 10 minutes after application. Then comb the hair with a thick comb along the individual strands. Remove the lice from the lice comb, for example by rinsing with water. After combing, rinse the hair with lukewarm water and then wash with regular shampoo.

Check the hair for lice and/or nits regularly over the next 10 days. If you find them, or if you are not sure if they are live or already dead nits, repeat the procedure immediately.

Even if you do not find any live lice and/or nits, repeat the procedure after 10 days.
This will prevent the lice from spreading once again if you have missed any live lice/nits that may have survived after the first application.


Store at 5-25 ° C, do not expose to sunlight. Keep out of reach and sight of children. Store in the original packaging.

Expires by: 36 months