combining the power of nature and science

The company has been systematically exploring the healing potential of nature since 2006.
It tests the effects of natural substances and looks for new ways to combine them so that it can develop extremely effective,
but at the same time gentle solutions to a wide range of health problems.


We focus on researching the healing effects of individual molecules. We draw the most inspiration from nature. The results of these activities allow us to develop effective but gentle solutions for a number of common health problems that we all face at some time.

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Ears • Eyes • Hair • Oral cavity • Skin

Care of the external ear canal.

In disorders during tear formation, to soothe the eyes during conjunctivitis and during visual strain.

In case of lice infestation.

For mouthwashes / gargling with increased needs on oral hygiene.

A skin solution for gentle and painless removal of warts, corns and hardened, calloused skin.

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