Silvertan paste 30ml

Paste containing ionized silver and panthenol. Contains Dermosoft®, an anti-yeast agent. For skin prone to diaper dermatitis, intertrigo and bedsores.

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Aqua, Paraffinum Liquidum, Titanium Dioxide, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Petrolatum, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cera Alba, Ceteareth-20, Sodium Caproyl/ Lauroyl Lactylate, Triethyl Citrate, Glyceryl Stearates, Lanolin, Polyacrylate Crosspolymer-6, Sodium Silver Aluminum Silicate, Panthenol, Pantolactone, Citric Acid, Phenoxyethanol,Triethylene  Glycol .

Warning for those allergic to parabens – does not contain parabens.




24 months

1. What is Silvertan® Paste:

Silvertan® Paste is a product containing ionized silver bound to zeolite, 10% titanium dioxide, dexpanthenol and Dermosoft®. It is intended for skin care in places prone to irritation. It comes in a 30- ml plastic tube. The tube is packed in a box along with the Instructions for Use.

2. How does Silvertan® Paste Work:

Silvertan® Paste forms a protective layer on the skin which protect the skin against irritating components from stool and urine. It soothes the skin and helps prevent redness.

How Does Silver Work?

Argentum (silver) and its compounds have astringent (possibly caustic) and antiseptic (mainly denaturation of protein) effects. When used in proper concentrations and in suitable medical forms, it promotes healing of wounds and ulcers.(Source: Fadrhoncová A., Pharmacotherapy of dermatological diseases, pg. 130, Grada, 1999)

How Does Zeolite Work?

Zeolites are crystalline silicates of alkali metals. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the spatial arrangement of the atoms forms channels and cavities of constant dimensions. Solid, liquid and gaseous state substances may be trapped in these channels. In medicine, this is used as a carrier of active agents. Silver bound to zeolite (silver zeolite) has proven antimicrobial effects on microorganisms. Zeolite supports these effects.
(Source: Sirikamon S., Antimicrobial effects of silver zeolite against oral microorganisms, Asian Pac J of Trop Biomed, pg. 47-52, Elsevier 2013)

How does Dexpanthenol Work?

Dexpanthenol syn. panthenol belongs to the B5 vitamins. After epicutaneous application, it quickly transforms into pantothenic acid in the skin, which is essential for the metabolism of skin cells. Panthenol has a therapeutic effect for disorders of the healing of wounds and ulcers and for the growth and regeneration of hair. There are no known side effects.
(Source: Fadrhoncová A., Pharmacotherapy of Skin Diseases, pg. 171, Grada, 1999)

How does Dermosoft® Work?

Dermosoft® is highly effective multifunctional active ingredient with antimicrobial properties against microorganism that cause some skin disorders. Effective reduction of Malassezia furfur, Trichophyton spp., Epidermophyton floccosum, Candida albicans  and Propionibacterium acnes. It is acquired exclusively from natural sources.
(Source: Dr Straetmans, Dermosoft decalact liquid, product information, 2019)

Based on the recommendation of dermatologists, the Silvertan® Paste was created,and it  is sold in pharmacies over the counter. It contains the above mentioned substances as basic components.

3. How to Use Silvertan® Paste:

Apply a thin, equal layer onto carefully cleaned and dry skin. Ideally, use a medicinal anti-septic soap without sodium lauryl sulfate (for example, Cutosan®) to  clean the skin. Apply a thin layer 2-6 times per day onto the whole   irritated skin area. Silvertan® Paste is non-irritating, easy to apply and easy to remove.

Skin irritation may occur in places that are covered by a diaper. Redness, rashes and increased skin sensitivity may occur in these areas. Red spots may appear on the affected areas. The intertrigo may be mild with  minor defects to serious with  severe redness, irritation, blisters or wet skin.  The intertrigo may turn into bed sores. Bed sores may especially occur in immobile and incontinent patients.

4. Warning:

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If there is no improvement of the skin or if skin irritation occurs, stop using the product and consult your physician or pharmacist. Do not use in case of an allergy or hyper-sensitivity to any one of the product’s ingredients.

5. Storage and Transportation Conditions:

Store at a temperature from 5 to 25 °C, keep out of the reach of children, keep in its original package.


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